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Venosan 5000 Below Knee (Class 1)


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Venosan 5000 Below Knee (Class 1)


This stocking has the X-Static fibre® which is made from pure silver with no chemical additives. The silver kills bacteria and this effect remains even after 250 washes. Having a stocking with antibacterial properties is beneficial as it promotes hygiene of the feet and legs, acts as a deodorant and can prevent the occurrence of infection. The silver also conducts heat away from the legs so keeps the legs cool during warm weather and its reflective properties ensures body heat is retained during cold weather.
The silver in the stocking prevents the build up of static which can be a problem for those with restricted mobility .
The 5000 also contains the microfiber fabric Tactel which ensures optimal comfort with excellent elasticity making it easy to put on.





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Black, Mexico


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Open, Closed


Long (Standard), Short


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