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Compression Guide

How to choose the correct compressions socks and stockings

Compression hosiery is used to treat conditions in the legs and ankles caused by a change in the normal blood flow in the legs. It works by compressing against the legs to provide support which helps circulation. The compression is graduated i.e pressure is highest at the ankle and this pressure lessens gradually towards the top of the hosiery which helps blood flow back up the leg. The pressure which stockings provide also treat and prevent oedema (swelling) in the legs. Stockings can vary in the degree of compression depending on what condition the stocking is being used to treat. Below is a guide on how to select the correct stocking for your particular condition as well as a guide to the classification of our medical grade stockings


Compression Guide - If you require class 3 as prescribed by your doctor you can contact us directly

Venosan Support Socks. 

Uses – For tired and aching legs with or without swelling (oedema) which can be caused by prolonged periods of standing or pregnancy. Used for mild varicose veins and spider veins

Legline 20

Venosan 4000 Class I

Venosan 6000 Class I

Uses – Used for the same symptoms as our light compression stockings as well as for more pronounced varicose veins, early venous insufficiency (weakness in the veins which can lead to skin changes and ultimately leg ulcers). They can be used also to prevent the recurrence of minor leg ulcers. Prevention of DVT.

Legline 30

Venosan 4000 Class II

Venosan 6000 Class II

Uses – Severe varicose veins and after surgery to remove varicose veins. Prevention of DVT. Chronic venous insufficiency (weakness in veins which can lead to skin changes and ultimately leg ulcers). Moderate lymphoedema.



NB It is always advisable to consult with a medical practitioner before wearing moderate to firm compression hosiery (especially the medical grade stockings) as they can assess your particular condition and advise on the level of compression which will suit you best.

Medical conditions with which it is recommended not to wear compression stockings

where there may be a lack of oxygen getting to the limbs

Nerve damage in the legs

An infection that occurs under the skin

Due to complications of this condition which can affect the legs, compression stockings should only be worn after consulting a medical practitioner

to any component used in manufacture of a particular stocking

Classification of Venosan Stockings:

All Venosan medical grade compression stockings are classed as European grade stockings and carry the RAL mark of quality assurance. The RAL is a German institute which rigorously tests the stockings every year, so when you see the RAL mark you can be assured of premium quality and efficacy.

The pressure each stocking exerts is measured in millimetres of Mercury (mmHg)

There are four different classes. This website will have Class 1 or Class 2 stockings available for purchase. If you require Class 3 as prescribed by your doctoryou can contact us directly.

Moderate Compression. 18 mmHg to 21 mmHg at the ankle.

Firm Compression. 23 mmHg to 32 mmHg at the ankle.

Powerful compression. 34 mmHg to 46 mmHg at the ankle.