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Venocare is the distributor in Ireland for VENOSAN® compression garments. VENOSAN® is a leading developer and manufacturer of compression socks and stockings based in St Gallen, Switzerland.

Venocare was established in 2013 by pharmacist David Gibbons from his pharmacy in Clonakilty Co. Cork. He has many years’ experience measuring and fitting patients with compression stockings and is always happy to advise customers on finding the right product for them.

The VENOSAN® range goes from light support to firm compression and finding the right product is especially important to maximise benefit.
The light support or mild compression range would include the Jet Legs travel sock, VENOSAN® cotton support socks and Silk support socks. These are economical options to get you started on your better legs journey.
The medium support or compression range includes the Legline 20 range and the Class 1 versions of the medical-grade stockings. These are often the right choice for people who may find the firm compression hard to put on but still need good support to alleviate their condition.
For more pronounced varicose veins firm compression is the only option and our class 2 medical-grade stockings are what’s called for in this instance. The Legline 30 range is a firm compression garment that resembles ordinary fashion tights so is a good alternative for people looking to wear summer dresses or skirts without compromising on support for their legs.

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