How to choose the right compression stockings

Which VENOSAN® compression stocking is right for me?

A common misconception is that the number assigned to each model of Venosan is a measure of compression e.g 7000 being stronger than 4000 etc.
This is not the case. The numbers reflect the chronology of each model’s introduction. The compression in each model is the same and all adhere to the strict guidelines and testing which confers European class to all the garments. Below is a quick guide to the difference between each model. All come in European Class I and III. For Class III, please contact us.

VENOSAN 3000 Compression Stockings


For those who prefer a natural fibre against the skin or who are allergic to synthetic fibres.
Durable – The robust construction provides convincingly tough, strong quality and is ideal for long-term compression therapy.
Easy to put on – The stretchable knitted cotton fabric allows your compression stockings to be put on easily.

VENOSAN 4000 Compression Stockings


The VENOSAN® 4000, our bestseller, is manufactured in a refined sandwich construction and is the first stocking in the world to be awarded the Tactel climate effect.
The Tactel climate effect wicks away moisture from the skin and prevents moisture penetration from outside ensuring a supreme feeling of comfort whatever the weather.
Because of the improved developments in elasticity, this stocking is easy to put on whilst maintaining the requisite degree of compression once in place.
The quality of materials used in production ensures this stocking is the epitome of elegance both visually and from a comfort point of view.
The stockings are suitable for men and women.

VENOSAN 5000 Compression Stockings


This stocking has the X-Static fibre® which is made from pure silver with no chemical additives. The silver kills bacteria and this effect remains even after 250 washes. Having a stocking with antibacterial properties is beneficial as it promotes hygiene of the feet and legs, acts as a deodorant and can prevent the occurrence of infection. The silver also conducts heat away from the legs so keeps the legs cool during warm weather and its reflective properties ensures body heat is retained during cold weather.
The silver in the stocking prevents the build-up of static which can be a problem for those with restricted mobility.
The VENOSAN® 5000 also contains the microfiber fabric Tactel which ensures optimal comfort with excellent elasticity making it easy to put on.

VENOSAN 6000 Compression Stockings


The VENOSAN® 6000 is our most economical stocking available but still retains all the characteristics of our other ranges. It is a sheer stocking which is breathable and sits perfectly on the leg and most importantly it complies with medical requirements to ensure maximum efficacy.

VENOSAN 7000 Compression Stockings


The VENOSAN® 7000 is our stiffer stocking which applies a stronger massage effect on the legs which makes it more effective in preventing and treating swelling in the legs.
They contain the algae and silver-containing fibre “Sea Cell” (reg trademark) which gives the stocking antibacterial and fungicidal properties. This algae fibre is rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids which are released into the skin keeping the skin healthy and can help treat conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis.