Measuring Guides

How To Measure For Standard Size Stockings

Measuring guides for compression socks and stockings

It is very important accurate measurements are taken to ensure the correct size of compression socks or stockings are selected so that the pressure applied to the leg by the stocking is correct.

We offer a made to measure service for those who don’t fall into standard sizing

NB For Venosan Legline sizes all you need is your weight and height and then click on the Legline Measuring Chart Here to find your size.

Ideally, measurements should be taken in the morning especially if your legs have a tendency to swell throughout the day. Measurements should be taken on the bare leg standing upright using a measuring tape (in cms). The tape should fit snugly on the leg during measuring and shouldn’t be pulled too tight.

Both legs should be measured separately.

For below knee socks and stockings (AD) the following measurements must be taken:

  • The circumference of the ankle cB. Measure just above the ankle (smallest circumference)
  • The circumference of the calf cC. Measure around the largest calf circumference
  • The circumference of the leg just below the knee cD. Measure 2-3 cm below pit of the knee
  • The length lD. Measure the length of the leg from the base of the heel to just below the knee

The following additional measurements need to be taken for Thigh Length, Tights and Maternity Tights.

  • The circumference at the top of the thigh cG. Measure 5cm below crotch.
    The length lG. Measure the length of the leg from the base of the heel to the top of the thigh (For tights and maternity the length measured needs to be lK. Measure from base of heel right up to crotch)

venocare measure instructions

Measure Instructions for VENOSAN® 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 & 8000

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